Dura Trac Products for Swine and Calves: Helping Our Customers Improve Profitability!

Dura Trac livestock flooring sets the standard in quality animal floors. This is because all products are designed and built for your specific needs. Also, we have standard designs available. Whether remodeling or building new, we have a floor solution for you. Best of all, our friendly and experienced sales staff will work with you to design a flooring system specific to your needs.

Dura Trac flooring is specifically designed to keep animals warm, dry, and comfortable. Animals are healthier when these conditions are met. All floors are completely coated with plastisol (polyvinyl). There are many benefits to this type of livestock flooring. For one, the animal’s body temperature is conserved because the floors remain at room temperature. Another benefit is the good traction provided. The rubber-like surface reduces cuts and bruises and therefore reduces stress on the animal.

All Dura Trac Products are Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Dura Bilt Calf Stalls livestock flooring at Sunrise Dairy

Dura Trac Products

Custom-Sized Raised Flooring

Are you replacing an odd-sized floor?  No problem – we custom build floors to your specs.  Do you need to span a 10′ gap?  We manufacture floors built to span up to 12′.  Need a hole patched temporarily while we work on replacing your current floors?  The Dura Trac floor patch is perfect for covering worn areas. Not only on existing plastisol coatings, but also on woven wire flooring.

Plastisol Coated Livestock Flooring

lean farrow row kit for farrowing barns

Dura = Durable!

Our animal flooring is one-piece metal construction. The floors are coated completely after they have been welded.  Therefore, no metal is exposed that will cause rust to seep into the product.  The process we use starts with prime steel.  Once the floor is welded it goes through a cleaning and priming process. Next, it is preheated to prepare a surface that is perfect for accepting the coating.  The metal floor is then fully dipped into the liquid plastisol.  Finally, the coated floor is oven cured for an extended time at high temperatures.

Resists Bacteria

Our oven cured surface is smoother and more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth than other floorings that are not cured in ovens.  Uniform curing creates stronger adhesion to the metal. Therefore, a stronger surface with greater wear resistance is created. This manufacturing process has been proven to aid traction and reduce floor related injuries. In addition, it is USDA accepted. Click here to read testimonials from some of our customers.
Woven Wire Calf Flooring (Dura-Trac Elevated Mesh Calves Flooring System)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

For more information about Dura Trac & Dura Bilt products, click here to contact us. Most importantly, customer satisfaction is a priority to all of us at ADA Enterprises. Therefore, we used only the top quality materials. First of all, our knowledgeable sales staff can answer your questions. After that, the experienced drafting department will work diligently to design a product that will meet your needs.

Need a Custom Layout?

  • Aids in traction which also reduces floor related injuries
  • Easily allows for modern cleaning methods
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Not only durable but also comfortable
  • Reduces stress on the animal
  • Finally, it’s all built with prime steel and completely covered with a thick coating of plastisol.