Cast Iron Sow Centers


The cast iron center section is placed between two Clearspan creep side floors. Sows stay cool on a cast iron center.

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cast iron sow centers

Two cast iron centers are placed between the Clearspan creep area sides.

The cast iron sow centers are used in the farrowing barn to keep the sow cool and comfortable. Place in the center of two Dura Trac Clearspan creep side floors. The durable cast will keep the sow cool while the piglets stay warm and dry on the plastisol-coated creep sides. The cast iron is available in 24-inch x 48-inch and 24-inch x 42-inch. The Clearspan creep side flooring has many custom options and is sized according to your needs.

Because there are so many options to include with the creep side flooring, we do not have standard sizes. Some of the options include:

  • A solid plate is shown in the picture to the right. This helps to keep piglets warm by preventing drafts from below.
  • Hot water heat plates offer uniform heat.
  • Recessed area to accommodate an electric heat mat flush with the creep floor.
  • pad positioners, cord holes, side tabs, and more.

Contact us for a Clearspan creep side flooring quote.

Cast iron sow centers are a durable and cool solution for the sow area.

Additional information

Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 2.75 in