Clearspan Creep Side Flooring

Plastisol-coated Clearspan Creep Sides are completely self-supported and are easy and efficient to install. Many options are available to customize the floor.

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Dura Trac Flooring for Healthy Piglets

Clearspan Creep Side flooring is specifically designed to promote piglet health and comfort by keeping them warm and dry. The mesh of the plastisol-coated metal flooring allows most of the fecal matter to fall through onto the floor below, which can be easily cleaned to eliminate bacteria buildup. Convenient options such as heat plates, notches, pad positioners, mounting tabs, and feet are available to modify the Clearspan Creep Side Floor to meet your needs and size requirements.

Clearspan Creep Side Floor with cast iron center section

Two cast iron centers are placed between the Clearspan creep area sides.

Because there are so many options to include with the creep side flooring, we do not have standard sizes. The picture to the right shows a solid plate that aids in keeping piglets warm by preventing drafts from below. Another option to consider is plastisol-coated hot water heat plates to provide uniform heat.

Other options for piglet flooring include:

  • Recessed area to accommodate an electric heat mat flush with the creep floor.
  • pad positioners, cord holes, side tabs, and more.