Plastisol Coated Animal Floors

ADA Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned company that manufactures raised animal flooring for the agriculture industry, mainly swine and calf.

Our Dura Trac flooring helps to keep animals warm, dry, comfortable, and safe from flooring related injuries. This cutting-edge process was our beginning in the pork business. Dura Trac was first made for farrowing, nursery, and finishing barns. Not only are these animal floors comfortable, and easy to clean, but also quick and efficient to install. In addition, we build them to your specific needs.

Since the early days, ADA Enterprises, Inc. has expanded its product line. Calves, goats, and pigs have all benefited from Dura Trac floors. As a matter of fact, the list has expanded to sheep, ducks, and geese! Dura = Durable! Trac = Traction!

Swine Products

We offer a variety of top quality and time-tested products including Dura Trac Clearspan and Dura Trac Original nursery and farrowing floors and Dura-Bilt Pork Lifts. Whether for farrowing or nursery, each has their own benefits.LEARN MORE »

Calf Products

We offer a variety of top quality and time-tested products including calf floors, calf stalls and calf watering systems, each with their own benefits. As a complete system, they are unmatched in the industry today.LEARN MORE »

Our Products

Dura Trac flooring has the durable strength of the steel frame but is completely covered with a thick coating of strong plastisol (vinyl) so animals are warm and dry while ensuring the metal is completely protected from deterioration and rust and invasion of microbes. The waffle pattern of our flooring surface offers natural traction without having an abrasive surface.

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