• Dura Trac Clearspan and Original Flooring Keep pigs warm and dry with Dura Trac Nursery flooring. They are also designed for traction to reduce floor related injuries.  Because of this, pigs reach market weight sooner.  The PVC coated flooring is available in welded rod and expanded metal. Dura Trac Clearspan Nursery Flooring The Clearspan Nursery floors are completely self supported in all … [Continue Reading]

    Dura Trac Nursery
  • Dura Trac Floors are 100% Plastic Coated Dura Trac® plastic coated farrowing floors are designed for traction and prevention of floor related injuries. All Dura Trac flooring is completely plastisol coated so it is never any colder than the temperature in the room.  The mesh allows for the feces to fall through to the gutter below, therefore the floors are simple and efficient to clean which … [Continue Reading]

    Dura Trac Farrowing Floors
  • Advantages of Dura Trac Calf Flooring Aids in traction which also reduces floor related injuries Easily allows for modern cleaning methods Resists rust and corrosion Not only durable, but also comfortable Reduces stress on the animal Built with prime steel and completely covered with a thick coating of PVC Dura Trac Calf Flooring is designed with attention to newly … [Continue Reading]

    Dura Trac Calf
  • Plastic Coated Calf Stalls for Healthy Calves The Dura Bilt Calf Stalls are a customer favorite and it is easy to see why! For one thing, the entire stall is coated in a thick, durable layer of plastic. Because of this the Dura Bilt Calf Stall will outlast all other stalls and hutches. This is another example of how ADA Enterprises, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction. The Complete … [Continue Reading]

    Dura Bilt Calf Stall

Dura = Durable! Trac = Traction!

ADA Enterprises, Inc. has been in the plastic-coated animal flooring business since 1974. In the beginning, this revolutionary method was used primarily in the hog business. Since that time, the use of Dura Trac floors has expanded to calves, goats, sheep, ducks, and geese!

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