Double 30X60 Convertible Calf Pen

Includes one front panel for the 2-stall calf pen, two side panels for the starter pen and one for add-on pens, two front calf gates, one rear 2-stall gate, one Dura Trac Clearspan Calf floor, one stall divider panel, drop-in connector pins, two bucket holders, four 8-quart buckets, and all the necessary hardware.

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The Dura Bilt Double 30X60 Convertible Calf Pen System can be used as two 30″ x 60″ calf stalls. To convert it to a pen, simply lift out the center panel and you will have a 60″ x 60″ calf pen. There is one floor that spans the entire pen.

double calf pen

shown with and without the divider panel

You will need one Calf Pen starter unit for each row of pens. The starter calf pen has two side panels and a stall divider panel. For each additional pen in the row, you will use an add-on pen. Each add-on pen has one side panel and a stall divider panel because it shares a side panel with the pen before it. The divider panel is removable to create one large pen that easily converts to stalls when using the divider panel. The entire calf pen is completely coated with durable plastisol (polyvinyl).

Two styles of side and divider panels are available. The vented sides allow air to flow through easily and solid panels can be used if you prefer to limit cold drafts.

Each pen includes a Dura Trac Clearspan floor in either expanded metal or woven wire. Each calf floor design offers superior footing. The calf-appropriate mesh size aids in traction. For calves up to 300 pounds each.

The overall width of the Double 30X60 Calf Pen is 70 inches. It is 72 inches deep when including the bucket holders. The calf area is 60 inches deep. When the divider is in place, each calf pen space is 30 inches wide.