Dura Trac Nursery Barn Flooring

Keep pigs warm and dry with Dura Trac Nursery barn flooring. These floors are designed for easy cleaning and traction, therefore reducing floor related illness and injury. Because they are healthier, pigs reach market weight sooner. Furthermore, you have a choice of using welded rod or expanded metal.

nursery flooring

Clearspan Nursery Flooring

The Dura Trac Clearspan Nursery floors are completely self-supported in all directions. As a result, no additional support is required. The frame and floor are welded together and then completely coated with plastisol. The coating prevents any rust from forming. Also, custom floors can be ordered in sizes up to 10 feet long and up to 6 feet wide. In addition, convenient options are available to customize the floors to meet your needs. For example, options include an open end for easier cleaning of the alleyway and also a trap door for access to the pit below without having to remove the complete penning system. Dura Trac Clearspan Nursery Barn Flooring supports pigs up to 100 pounds each.

Original Nursery Flooring

In contrast to the Clearspan floor, the Dura Trac Original Nursery floors are built to use on top of your supports. As with all Dura Trac flooring, it is easily and efficiently cleaned. Also, the flooring aides in keeping the pigs warm and dry. We offer standard sizes, but realize not all nursery barns are ‘standard’, therefore we are able to build to your size specifications. In addition, mesh choices include both welded rod and expanded metal. Of course, both are completely coated with plastisol. Plus, it is important to note that supports for the Dura Trac Original floor must run laterally across the short way of the openings in the mesh.

Installation is Quick and Easy

According to contractors familiar with Dura Trac flooring, Clearspan Nursery floors are easy to install. More specifically, we are told that our flooring is installed more than seven times faster than our clip-together hard plastic flooring competitor! A new barn is being constructed with Dura Trac flooring in the photo below. Construction can continue once Dura Trac flooring is in place (note the scaffold).

nursery floors

Need a Custom Layout?

  • To begin with, cleaning is easy because modern cleaning methods can be used.
  • In addition, the coated raised flooring aids in traction, which in turn reduces floor related injuries
  • Plus, rust and corrosion won’t be a problem because there is no exposed metal.
  • Furthermore, Dura Trac floors are extremely durable in addition to comfortable for the pigs.
  • Because animals are warm, dry, and comfortable, their stress is reduced.
  • Lastly, our products are built with prime metal and completely covered with a thick coating of plastisol.