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For more information about Dura Trac Calf and Swine products click here.

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A Proven Process

Dura Trac flooring is completely coated with a 1/8″ layer of plastisol, so no steel is exposed that would allow rust to form. The process starts with prime steel that is cleaned and primed. Next, the steel is fully immersed in the liquid plastisol. Finally, the now-coated steel is oven-cured for an extended time at high temperatures. The curing process creates a strong adhesion of plastisol to the metal creating a tough surface with exceptional wear resistance. In addition, the cured surface is more smooth and more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth than other floorings. This same application is also used with the calf stall and calf pen pipe.

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The strong Dura Trac flooring has been proven to aid traction and reduce floor-related injuries and is USDA accepted.  But don’t just take our word for it – request your sample today and see for yourself!

Click here for more information about Dura Trac Calf and Swine products.

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