Dura Bilt Pork Lift

Pork Lift Moves Heavy Loads!

The Dura Bilt Pork Lift 2000 is one great solution to moving heavy loads.  In the first place, the lift features heavy duty steel construction for long life. The extra wide industrial swivel casters not only provide for tight cornering, but also easy maneuvering of heavy loads.  Equally important, the power up/power down winch has a 2000 pound capacity. Furthermore, it comes complete with an Interstate battery and trickle charger.

Also, the Dura Bilt Pork Lift is economically priced. Biosecurity issues related with sharing machinery are eliminated.  Furthermore, it can reduce lost time injuries. Easily paid for with the savings from one back injury.  Insurance company rebates are available in some areas.

pork lift2000 lb. Capacity 

Move anything! Increase your profits by moving splayed hogs to an area where proper care can be taken.  It can easily haul heavy bags or pails around the barn with better stability.  Not to mention an increase in morale.  Keep your employees happy and improve the long term retention.

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