Dura Trac Accessories

Dura Trac and Dura Bilt

Calf Stall Accessories

Accessories shown are compatible with the Dura Bilt Calf Stall. This completely poly-vinyl coated steel bottle holder easily attaches to the Dura Bilt Calf Stall with options available for either a two or a three quart bottle.  Our bottle holders come with a backstop to keep the bottle from being pushed out, saving you from picking bottles up off the ground. Feed and water pails are 8 quart sizes.

calf stall accessories

Bottle Holder for Dura Bilt Calf Stall

calf stall accessories

8 Quart Pail


Dura Trac Hot Water Heat Plate

Dura Trac accessories

The Dura Trac Hot Water Heat Plate (pictured below) is used in the creep area so the piglets stay warm with uniform heat.  It is flush mounted for more durability.  Standard sizes are 1′ x 4′ and 2′ x 4′.  Custom manufactured to fit most existing installations.

Dura Trac Sow Section & Dura Saver

The 24″ wide Dura Trac welded rod Sow Section is wide enough for the sow, but not so wide as to lose the advantage of the raised center.  Custom sizes are available.  Standard size is 24″ x 39-3/4″.

The Dura Saver feed saver is a high density polyethylene floor with a diamond plate finish for added traction.  Hardware for the Dura Saver is included for easy installation.

Dura Trac Accessories

Sow Section with Traction Bars

Dura Trac Accessories

Dura Saver Feed Saver

Dura Trac accessories

Clearspan Farrow Complete with Sow Section and Dura Saver

Cast Iron Center


The Cast Iron Center will keep the sow cool and comfortable. Additionally, it is designed to offer good traction while not inhibiting easy cleaning. Sits between two Dura Trac Clearspan Creep Sides. Sizes available are 24″ x 42″, and 24″ x 48″.

Dura Trac Patch Piece

Dura Trac Accessories

This 30″ x 24″ coated expanded metal section will cover holes in most types of existing flooring that has begun to show wear.  No sharp edges!  Just bolt down over the damaged area.


Split Suckling Divider

dura trac accessories

The completely coated divider separates the larger piglets from the smaller so that they are given a chance at nursing. After they have finished, simply lift the divider out of the way so the larger piglets are able to nurse.  The purpose is to decrease the mortality rate and even out the size of the piglets in a litter. No hardware necessary.

For more information about any of the Dura Trac accessories, click here to contact us.

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