• New for Turn-Around Crates

    Dura Trac Clearspan Farrow flooring designed for turn-around crates is now available.  Similar to the customer favorite for many years, the turn-around crate Clearspan Farrow was designed with a … [Continue Reading]

    New for Turn-Around Crates
  • Farrow Floor Lean Kit

    Remodel Without Lost Time! There is no reason that farrowing barn renovations have to force producers to miss weeks of production. The use of Dura Trac flooring with the "kitted" delivery system … [Continue Reading]

    Farrow Floor Lean Kit
  • Free Trial Offer!

    Now you can control piglet's access to the sow to even the litter weights and decrease mortality.  The Dura Trac Suckling Divider can be used to divide the first born of the litter from those born … [Continue Reading]

    Free Trial Offer!
  • Outlasts All Others

    The Only Plastic Coated Steel Calf Stall! Dura Bilt Calf Stalls will insure the safety and health of your calves by keeping them comfortable and dry with no need for additional bedding.  The … [Continue Reading]

    Outlasts All Others
  • Setting the Standard

    Dura Trac is setting the standard in quality built animal flooring!  The Dura Trac Nursery and Truss flooring is completely plastisol (PVC) coated to conserve the pig's body temperature. Designed for … [Continue Reading]

    Setting the Standard
  • Healthy Sows and Piglets

    The Dura Trac Clearspan Creep Side and Cast Iron Center is specifically designed to promote animal health and comfort.  The Creep Side flooring keeps piglets warm and dry. The durable cast iron center … [Continue Reading]

    Healthy Sows and Piglets

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