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Dura Trac, Dura Bilt, and Dura Dump Products

Installation of Dura Trac Clearspan Creep Side with Cast Iron Centers

Installation of Dura Trac Clearspan Creep Side with Cast Iron Centers

ADA Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of Dura Trac® plastic (PVC) coated steel animal flooring, the Dura Bilt Calf Stall, Dura Dump Calf Watering System, and the Dura Bilt Pork Lift.

All Dura Trac flooring is specifically designed to keep animals warm, dry, and comfortable.  Profitability and animal health go hand in hand, and animals are healthier when these conditions are met. The mesh allows most of the fecal matter to fall through onto the floor below, which can easily and efficiently be cleaned to eliminate bacteria buildup.  To view products, click here.

Dura Trac Plastic Coated Steel Flooring

Dura Trac flooring is one-piece metal construction and coated in its entirety after welding.  There is no exposed metal that will cause rust to permeate throughout the product.  The process used by ADA starts with prime steel.  After cleaning and priming the welded floor, it is preheated to prepare a surface that is perfect for accepting the PVC coating.  The steel is then fully immersed into the liquid plastisol (PVC).  Finally, the coated floor is oven cured for an extended time at high temperatures.  Our oven cured surface is smoother and more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth than other floorings that are not cured in ovens.  Uniform curing creates stronger adhesion to the metal for a tougher surface with greater wear resistance.   The strong Dura Trac flooring has been proven to aid traction and reduce floor related injuries and is USDA accepted.  Dura Trac plastic coated steel flooring is manufactured to customer specifications.

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