Save Time and Money with the Dura Dump Calf Watering System!

The Dura Dump Calf Watering System was introduced to further the benefits of the Dura Bilt Calf Stall. “For every 100 stalls, a farmer will save half an hours’ time when using this unique system”, says Vice President, Jacob Stenzel. “As a result, Dura Dump will save farmers $45.00/stall/year.”

A Complete Calf Watering System

To operate, the farmer stands at the end of a row, unlatches and lowers the lever which dumps the existing water out of the buckets. After that, the farmer can rinse, swash, and dump the buckets again. Once cleaned, the lever will be latched in the upright position and the water can be turned on. “While the first section is filling, the farmer is able to begin the same process at another section”, claims President/CEO Tom Stensrud.

There is no exposed metal with the Dura Dump system.

  • Because there is no exposed metal, rust cannot begin to corrode the calf stall or watering system.
  • Because poly-vinyl coated products are easy to clean, there is no harboring of bacteria.

Flexible tubing is used for the plumbing, making installation simple. All the buckets fill uniformly. Most 8-quart buckets can be attached to the Dura Dump. The Dura Dump Calf Watering System may even be custom built to work with your current stalls.

ADA Enterprises Calf
The New Dura Dump Calf Watering System

Learn more about the advantages of our Dura Dump Calf Watering System, and how it will work to your benefit! Call us today at 800-533-6033 or find out more by clicking the link below.

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Product Reviews

John Kimberly from Kimberly Farms in Connecticut

John Kimberly of Kimberly Farms (Facebook) purchased Calf pens from ADA Enterprises in 2016 and hasn’t lost a calf since. He admitted he was initially hesitant to buy Dura Bilt stalls because he was a believer in straw bedding, but the results – no lost calves in 3 years – proved he made the right…

Al Safi Dairy
Herds Manager

From a Dura Bilt Calf Stall customer: With our new calf rearing system it is easy to achieve our target weaning weights on a monthly basis with less mortality. 800 female calves monthly weaned at 78 days of age at an average weight of 104 kg.

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  • Easily allows for modern cleaning methods
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Not only durable, but also comfortable
  • Reduces stress on the animal
  • Built with prime steel and completely covered with a thick coating of poly-vinyl