Dura-Bilt Pork Lift


Deceased and disabled animal removal devise/cart, equipped with a 2000 pound capacity power winch.

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pork lift

The Dura Bilt Pork Lift 2000 is the best solution to moving deceased sows or other heavy loads safely and economically. The lift features heavy-duty steel construction for long life. In addition, the extra-wide industrial swivel casters provide for tight cornering and easily maneuver heavy loads. Furthermore, the power-up/power-down winch has a 2000-pound capacity. The Pork Lift 2000 comes complete with an Interstate battery, a trickle charger, and two chains. One chain to anchor the cart and one chain to wrap around the heavy load.

When operating the Dura Bilt Pork Lift 2000 it is necessary to take precautions to avoid injury. Using protective gloves and eyewear while handling the winch cable is important. First, it is imperative to use the chains provided to secure and stabilize the unit. This will hold the unit in place as you begin to pull the animal out of the crate or pen. Second, with safety in mind, wrap the cable around the head and neck, and possibly a shoulder if necessary, and pull the cable snug. You will then be ready to winch the animal out of the crate or pen. You may need to repeat this procedure to “re-load” the animal once in the alleyway.


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Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 22 × 62 in