Farrowing Floor Accessories

Clearspan Legs

If the farrowing floors need to be raised up off the ground for easier cleaning, we recommend the Clearspan legs. The 6-in heavy-duty steel legs are completely coated with plastisol. This is the same durable coating that is used on all our steel products. Rust is unable to form because there is no exposed metal.

The standard height of the Clearspan legs is 6 inches and stainless steel hardware is included. Custom size legs are available.

Stokboard Feed Saver for Clearspan

This 24″ x 32″ durable plastic replacement part is an excellent wear-saver in front of the sow. Special hardware is included to securely fasten it to the Clearspan farrowing floor.

Stokboard Feed Saver Edges Ground for Originals

The same 24″ x 32″ durable plastic as for the Clearspan, but the edges are ground so that the edges are not sharp. It is fastened down to the surface of the Original Farrow floor with the hardware that is included. 

Split Suckling Divider

Separate the larger piglets from the smaller ones for a better chance at nursing. Quickly lifts in and out of most farrowing floor styles. Completely coated with plastisol.

Our Farrowing Floor Accessories

Need a Custom Layout?

  • To begin with, cleaning is easy because modern cleaning methods can be used.
  • In addition, the coated raised flooring aids in traction, which in turn reduces floor related injuries
  • Plus, rust and corrosion won’t be a problem because there is no exposed metal.
  • Furthermore, Dura Trac calf floors are extremely durable in addition to comfortable for the calves.
  • Because animals are warm, dry, and comfortable, their stress is reduced.
  • Lastly, our calf products are built with prime metal and completely covered with a thick coating of plastisol.