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Dura Bilt Calf Stall Installation

Calf Stall installation is quick and easy with the Dura Bilt Calf Stall. Watch this short step by step video for complete demonstration.

Video Instructions for Calf Stall Installation

Start  Begin your calf stall installation by attaching the back gate to the first side panel by lining up the holes and inserting a drop rod.

0:28  Repeat with the second side panel.

0:51  Pick up floor using a drop rod and rest it on the tabs on both side panels.

1:34  Continue down the row starting with the back gate and moving to the next side panel.

2:56  Attach front gates with the rods on the gate facing the inside of the stall.  Line up and drop in the rods.

3:54  Attach the bucket holder using a 9/16″ socket impact wrench and a box end.  Line up the holes and come from the inside to insert the bolts.  Attach the outside bolts first and finish with the center bolt.  Attach washers and nuts and tighten.

6:30  Walkways (optional)  Place the walkway floor right next to the stall.  Use the peg holes in the corner tabs to attach floor to the concrete.

For more information regarding your calf stall installation, click here.  Or call Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., at 641-324-1093 or toll free U.S. and Canada 800-533-6033.

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