Dura Trac Calf

Advantages of Dura Trac Calf Flooring

  • calf floorAids in traction which also reduces floor related injuries
  • Easily allows for modern cleaning methods
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Not only durable, but also comfortable
  • Reduces stress on the animal
  • Built with prime steel and completely covered with a thick coating of poly-vinyl

Dura Trac Calf Flooring is designed with attention to newly weaned calves, replacement heifers, and veal calves. Additionally, the floors can be built to fit any pen or stall.  A thick layer of poly-vinyl coats the entire floor. This results in not only a long lasting floor, but also a floor that won’t rust. There is no exposed metal. For this reason, Dura Trac calf flooring is ideal for veal calves. Furthermore, it is easy to clean. Under these conditions, stress on the calves is reduced. Calves are healthier because they stay clean and dry.

Not only is traction increased with the Dura Trac floor, but also floor related injuries are decreased. As a result, the newborn calves stay healthy and safe. Choose from Clearspan and Original Dura Trac flooring. Both styles are available in woven wire and expanded metal. In addition to durability, Dura Trac calf flooring is easily cleaned. See also: Dura Bilt Calf Stall and Dura Dump Calf Watering System.

  • calf floor
    Expanded Metal Calf Flooring

Clearspan vs. Original Flooring

No additional support is necessary when using Dura Trac Clearspan flooring. This is because they are completely self-supported.

On the other hand, Dura Trac Original calf floors are made to use with your supports. For this reason, they not only work great for new building, but also for replacement flooring.

Calf Flooring

Expanded Metal – Clearspan

Calf Flooring

Woven Wire – Clearspan

Calf Flooring

Original Expanded Metal

No Exposed Steel – Perfect for Kosher Veal

Dura Trac expanded metal and woven wire Calf Flooring are completely coated with poly-vinyl.

Calf Flooring

Expanded Metal

Calf Flooring

Woven Wire

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ADA Enterprises, Inc. has lead the industry in poly-vinyl coated animal flooring since 1974.

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