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 New Build or Remodel? Let our design and installation ideas work for you! 

Whether you are thinking about building new, or want to remodel your existing farrowing operation, here are some thoughts you may want to consider about farrowing barns.


There is no reason farrowing barn modifications need to force you to miss weeks of production. Our Dura Trac delivery system can group a complete row together. The picture to the right shows farrowing floors ready to roll through a walk-in door and down the alleyway for installation. This approach was recently used to renovate 32 farrowing rooms with 24 crates per room. It took a seven-man crew less than an eight-hour day to gut and refit each room.  Remodel Complete!

 New Construction

New building construction is similar. However, with a new building, all the flooring can be installed before the walls go up. The floors are strong enough to hold much of the equipment and scaffolding allowing construction to move at a fast pace. As soon as the contractors finish with the building, it’s ready to move the pigs in.


What is the standard anymore? Certainly not hog floors! We build our floors to fit your requirements. Our sales and design team have a combined total of 87-years of hands-on experience.

 Contact us today about designing a system to best suit your needs.


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